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Aug 2022

ulcer from drinking: Alcohol and Ulcers: 12 Things to Know

Contents: What Is an Ulcer? Is There a Connection Between Alcohol Use and Ulcers? Alcohol and Ulcers Can you drink alcohol after your stomach ulcers heal? What Are Peptic Ulcers? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention Alcoholic Gastritis Symptoms and Signs This may be important if the upper GI series showed an ulcer. The blood test can be done right in the doctor’s office. Sometimes...

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Aug 2021

Alcohol Tolerance How to Address and Decrease It Safely Delphi

Content Increasing Alcohol Consumption Responsibly Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency Treatment Functional Tolerance Can Result in Dependence Getting Started Alcohol Dependency Treatment Reduction of Drunkenness Some studies suggest that alcohol may affect people of different genetic backgrounds differently. This can have to do with genetic, environmental, and cultural differences. But if they start drinking at their previous levels again, alcohol-related impairments in cognition and behaviour could...

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