Benefits & Safety:

COVID – 19 Safety Measures : 

As we get ready to welcome our esteemed guests, we are committed to provide a COVID-19 safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19. Although probability of COVID transmission in speedboats plying on open water is negligible, we are taking following measures:
• Boats are sanitized before & after every ride.
• Crew members wear masks, sanities hands frequently, follow social distancing and get screened regularly for COVID-19 symptoms.
• Guests onboard are advised to wear masks at all times during the ride and sanitize their hands frequently with sanitizers kept on board.

How is sailing beneficial?

Sailing is almost like going to the health farm, but the fun is that, it is more cheaper and entertaining. Now researchers have found many benefits to sailing which not only tantalizes the senses but balances your self being.

Dr. Gillian Mc Keith, who had published his book “Living Food for Health”, concentrates majorly on healthy food for a healthy mind and body – and he also states:

Sound and Feel of Sea Water :

a)     The sound of waves alters the wave patterns in the brain lulling you into a deeply relaxed state.

b)    In a favorable weather, when people swim in the sea, floating on water mean, blood is diverted around from our lower limb and pumped towards our abdominal region. So, fresh blood being pumped all over our body brings more oxygen to our brain making us more alert and active.

c)     The two important compounds –salt and potassium in sea water is a natural healer.They seal the damage skin and allow it to mend.

d)    Bathing in the sea also increases elasticity of the skin and improves its appearance.

Fresh Air for sleep:

Sea air is charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate our ability to absorb also balances serotonin, a body chemical linked with moods and stress.

Sun for feeling good along with skin conditioning.

a)  The heart of the sun affects endocrine system and secretes endorphins –the natural chemicals in our body designed to make us feel less stressed and relived.

b)  It heals skin complaints

What are the other Physiological Improvement that Sailing does

1)    Muscle Strength, Shoulder and Back Endurance

2)    Cardiovascular Fitness

3)    Mental Wellness

4)    Relaxation

5)    Improving Agility and Flexibility

6)    Concentration and Multitasking

7)    Communication Skills and Team Work

What are the necessary safety measures

1)    Use Important Safety Gear and Equipment

2)   Rules of the Road to avoid collisions with other boats

3)   The boat must have federally required Safety Equipment

4)   Use a Safety Checklist

5)   A novice sailor should list the safety topics including boating Safety Courses

6)   Use a Float Plan to alert rescuers in an  emergency

7)   Wearing PFD is a must

8)   In rough water, Safety Harness Tether is a compulsion on using it. Using Jack lines are effective way to stay clipped with your boat.

9)  AIS system on boat during foggy weather or coastal areas at night

10)  Learning how to stop a boat near a person who has fallen overboard

11)   Practice for developing Good Navigation Skills

12)   Special Precautions in cold water or cold air

13)   Always keep informed about weather updates

14)   Reading a book on Sea Man-ship is an excellent idea to learn more about sailing before sailing.

15)   Appropriate Clothing is a vital necessity