Choose from a wide variety of a healthy association with Oyster Services Offerings:

Academia: (School & Colleges)

Oyster sailing has taken an honest initiation on different workshops where we cater to children from age six to the adults. We believe in incepting the curiosity and essentiality of knowing the most important element of life – “WATER”.

“Water”, the most important element in humans life, brings resonance inside the soul of every human being replacing all negativity with peace, joy and excitement in and around a human being.

Avail exclusive packages for Schools and Colleges to imbibe the awareness of Various watersport and leisure trips at the best in academia privilege banner.

Service & Adventure Industries: (Hotels & Travel Agencies)

With over 500+ packages and customized options Oyster Sailing Services caters to all group events, corporate activity, wedding parties, tourist packages pre-Weddings, Bachelorettes, First anniversary, Birthday, Promotion parties and many more reasons can be celebrated on a yacht.

Join us and avail some exclusives packages and rack rates.


This particular aftermath is designed for the busy bees who does not find any obstacle between them and their working hours. In our venture with the corporate, we bring them out in free air with their briefcases. We organize seminars in our beautiful yachts and indulge them in rejoice through different events designed to balance their mental health. We intend to change the inevitable common words of their daily life, like – “stress”, ”pressure”, “target”, “deadlines “ and place some new ones like – “relaxation”, “freedom”, “emotions” and “achievements”.

The current scenario of the “working – walking” world around us has become lonely and dominant so much on our mind and lives that we struggle for incompetent desire of achievements; we often forget the fun of living. At Oyster sailing we create the peaceful sanity through the ambiance and pamper the sensitivity of human needs and wants – giving them a true exposure to smile consistently with luxury.

Covering gamut of services that can cater corporate requirements to host:

  • Seminars
  • Corporate Off Site
  • Internal meets
  • Product launch
  • Parties
  • Press conferences
  • Gifting and Entertainment