Booking Terms & Conditions

Now it is hereby agreed by and between the client here as to under –

Duties of the Client

The Client hereby undertakes and agrees with the Service Provider that it will at all times during the continuance in force of this Memorandum of Understanding, observe and perform the terms and conditions herein set out and in particular will observe the following terms and conditions:

  • All bookings are to be registered, by the Client with the Service Provider, minimum 2 (two) days prior from the date of the proposed event.
  • Booking confirmation is subjected to availability of slots.
  • For every booking, a 100% (hundred percent) advance Booking Fee is to be provided, by the Client to the Service Provider, on confirmation of the bookings.
  • Taxes at the rate of 18% (Eighteen percent) will be applicable over and above the Booking Fee which is to be paid by the Client to the Service Provider.
  • The Client is required to report 15 (Fifteen) minutes prior to his/ her confirmed timing for the service opted.
  • All time slots for the services are fixed by the Service Provider and no changes in the time slots are to be requested by the Client.
  • Safety indemnity to be signed by the customer’s prior on boarding the Yacht.
  • International Clients to carry their identity proof.
  • Any delay on behalf of the Client, to report at the confirmed time, will not be exempted by the Service Provider and no adjustments will be made for any such delay by the Client. The time slots booked by the Client will be for that fixed time period only and will remain unaffected by any delay on behalf of the Client.
  • Admission into the venue is subject to the discretion of the Management of the Service Provider.
  • The Client is required at all times to co-operate with the Crew Members and adhere to all rules and regulations of the service opted for.
  • For all kinds of Liquor and Party Bookings, the Client is required to apply for a permit, which is to be taken a week prior from the date of the scheduled event. Additional costs over and above the Booking Fee will be involved to apply for the Permit.
  • Any loss and damage, caused by the Client, to any of the objects/ materials/ furniture of the boats/ yachts/ any other things at the venue of the service provided by the Service Provider, shall be borne by the Client.
  • A Refundable Deposit, with respect to any loss or damage as envisaged herein above, shall be paid by the Client to the Service Provider at the time of the payment of the Booking Fee. This Refundable Deposit will be refunded by the Service Provider to the Client after the event after due deductions for the damages caused.
  • Costs for transfer of goods and food items (including any drinking and eating items) will be charged by the Service Provider separately and in addition to the Booking Fee.
  • The Client shall take care of their personal belongings. The Service Provider or any of the Crew Members will not be held liable and accountable for any loss of the personal belongings of the Client or any of its members at the venue.
  • For every booking made by the Client and confirmed on e-mail by the Service Provider, shall be treated as a confirmed booking.

Duties of the Service Provider

The Service Provider hereby agrees with the Client that it will at all times during the continuance of this Memorandum of Understanding observe and perform the provisions herein contained and will:

  • Provide the Client with a full brief of the services provided by it and other plans to enable them to provide best service to the Client.
  • As safety is the main concern of the Service Provider, the Service Provider will ensure that, the Captain shall provide a briefing on the adventure and its safety measures to the Client and its members at the venue.
  • Provide the Client with the best adventure experience as promised.


The Client shall pay the Service Provider, the Booking Fee on confirmation of each booking as per Clause 2.

  • 100% Payment in advance from the Day of Booking, for final booking confirmation.
  • Rates are subject to change of season and weekday/weekend basis.
  • If the experience cannot be conducted due to weather, alternate date will be provided or a refund of up to 90% of the experience price.
  • Experience is subject to weather & other conditions.
  • No money refund policy if there is any cancellation due to client.
  • Taxes at the rate of 18 % (eighteen percent) will be applicable over and above the Booking Fee which is to be paid by the Client to the Service Provider.