The paradigm of progressive world has one unique old school recipe of happiness which never fails, “Family” would it be so lovely to buy that first car if there was no one along with you enjoying the drive.

Could birthdays have been so special if mom would not bake her special cake?

Could you be so proud of your convocation day without few joyless tearful eyes capturing that moment?

Would life be so better when you are old and someone is eager to hear your stories?

All the smiles all the giggles and all the strength of one begins from the very day voyaging with the wonderful word “family”. The atrium of our life’s strengthens begins and ends at one place and thatis the wonderful people living in each part of it – Our family. Deeper the roots, stronger the tree and that’s what we live for.

Bring In Your Birthday:

Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo 21st Birthday Celebration Aboard The World Yacht - Arrivals

Mumbai, Goa & Mandwa

starting from Rs-8000/-

Celebrate your birthday in the nautical tradition on a Yacht / Beach!

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Party Hard:

Oyster Party Hard


starting from Rs-20000/-

You need no season or time to break free and pull your hair down, party

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How can you surprise them?

What different can you give them does not mater, what matter is, how different you want to give them or how can you give them something differently – weather it be a ferry ride or a boating experience, you can add on some adventure and a short trip on a cruise.

Togetherness is a Bliss: 

Oyster Sailing (togetherness is a bliss(3)

Mumbai &  Goa

starting from Rs-18000/-

Step into a new life with the blessings of heavenly sea, in mids of the bay make your family functions

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Gifting Experiences: 

Oyster gifting experience

Mumbai, Goa & Mandwa

starting from Rs-3000/-

You’re ideal Gifting solution, gift a unique experience & create a lifelong memory. Choose from over 500+ experiences or design your own

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So how different it is you must be thinking?

Well you and your family might be from Mumbai or might have travelled Mumbai, goa and enjoyed the sea view. This time they will witness the sea being very much their and lot more to it together. They will absolutely get flabbergasted by the beauty around, experiencing the excitement and since the family is together it always double up.

We want you to come and float your emotions get spell bound amazed with the vibgyor of beauty and peace. Let the world of calculations run their clock around, but here you live your own.

Learn To Sail: 

Oyster Sail (Learn Sailing) (2)


starting from Rs-3000/-

There is no barrier in learning at any juncture of life, sailing a sport that shall spell bound

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The World Underneath: 

Oyster Sailing (the  world underneath)(2)


starting from Rs-1600/-

Watch the world beneath the sea and make it the most memorable time of your life.

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