Date the date 

Your day should be perfect every time with us, welcome aboard! And the tale of love we tell where the prince comes on a white horse and rides his princess back to the kingdom of happiness.

When you do not know how to tell the most special person on earth how much special your friend is – we make that happen. All the amenities on the cruise along with the perfect start of a date on the cruise of your choice, and nothing can go wrong.

Explore the adventure by Kayaking or snorkeling with your best friend! Sailing can be un and bring rejoice to your bonding while you ask your friend out on a date in the evening where we bring in music of your choice, a violin, a piano or a saxophone for you and your special moment of life. Champagne and dinner crafted by you followed with a private party where our DJ delights you and a “YES!“The answer is .Don’t forget to text your friend and family.

<<<<< Rewind ….. Oh! You have a plan of your own?????

We are all ears to you. You ask it and we will keep no stones unturned to do it. Let’s talk!!!

Sail Like Birds: 

Oyster Sail Like Birds (3)


starting from Rs-4999/-

Create a panache of memories with your love one in galore to all the romanticism of your  Togetherness, Sail through the Gateway of India with your feet down in water, open breeze, sun kissed

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Adventure Sailing: 

Oyster Adventure sailing (1)


starting from Rs-2999/-

Sail through the Gateway of India with your feet down in water, open breeze, sun kissed winds as you catch a glimpse of Mumbai’s oldest lighthouses, sea gulls with gentle splash of the water.

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Newly Married 

And they said Just Married!

The journey begins here. Let create a panache of memories for you in galore to all the romanticism of your togetherness,

The bliss of solitude with your newly married one, will amaze you in every corner of yourself while the nature unfolds each beauty of its own.

We at oyster understand that you need the best and we “cake dream” it for you.

Whether it be the quite night breeze with the music your heart desires or the dawning landscape around you with the birds on the vast sky we make you sigh with love and joy of the fondness growing in midst of you both.

Away from all the crowd, we find you a very own world of your own. Let us make the life live worth while .we are eagerly waiting to hear from you .

Thank you !

Candle Light Dinner: 

Oyster Sailing (candle light)(4)

Mumbai &  Goa

starting from Rs-17000/-

Fill your evening with romance, take your love one on a romantic candle light dinner on our luxury boat

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Go Cruising:

Oyster Sailing (Go Cruizing) (3)

Mumbai & Goa

starting from Rs-9000/-

Whether you enjoy activity or tranquility, this cruising experience is going to be a totally rejuvenating experience,

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Married for long 

Life has been very busy since we got closer and closer to the word “parents” and it was then we wanted to have our own expeditions.

Moments of peace and togetherness away from the crowd in a world only meant to be or both of us is all that heart logs. We want to find each other once again.

It was about time while we were planning for a holiday, when a friend of mine explained how special it would be cruising together.

In a starry night of winters dancing with him was like reliving our days which seemed to be just yesterday and we found us once again. A best time relaxing with such a good feeling and a honest realization of the essence of togetherness makes me feel like a team once again. The innocence was relived and how old I am ?

I am 18 forever now…..

Go Fishing: 

Oyster Sailing ( Go fishing) (4)

Mumbai & Goa

starting from Rs-1999/-

Escape from work routine and city hassle into the peaceful wilderness of the best fishing experiencing around the world, with a small

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Oyster Sailing (togetherness is a bliss(3)

Mumbai &  Goa

starting from Rs-18000/-

Step into a new life with the blessings of heavenly sea, in mids of the bay make your family functions

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