Gambling licenses at Canadian online casinos

Canada has a long history of gambling, and this is reflected in the country’s legalization of many types of gaming. Canadians can choose from online casinos that use virtual currency to play games of chance, as well as land-based casinos that offer poker and slot machines. To learn more about gambling licenses at Canadian online casinos and how they differ from their US counterparts, read on!

Gambling licenses at Canadian online casinos

Gambling licenses are required for both online and land-based casinos in Canada. The gambling licenses are issued by the provinces and territories, while the federal government issues licenses to cardrooms and racetracks.

Online casinos in Canada will have a license from their province or territory of operation. This means that you can only play at licensed online casinos if the casino operates under Canadian law (the laws of another country aren’t valid).

Land-based casinos need both provincial and federal approvals before they’re allowed to operate in any given area.

Is gambling legal in Canada?

Gambling in Canada is regulated by each of the provincial governments. Each province has their own laws regarding gambling, but there are some general guidelines that generally apply across the country.

  • The legal age for gambling in Canada is 18 years old
  • Gambling websites must be licensed and regulated by a provincial government agency to legally operate in Canada (though there are some exceptions)

What are the legal gambling ages in Canada?

Gambling in Canada is legal for adults aged 18+, or over the age of majority. The legal age to gamble online is also 18+. However, as with most countries around the world, there are some exceptions to this rule. But you always can find no id verification casino:

As we mentioned above, some provinces have set a higher gambling age limit than others. For example:

  • Alberta allows you to play at casinos once you turn 19 years old (in June 2016).
  • British Columbia will let you legally bet on games after turning 19 in June 2017; however they do not allow any form of betting via the Internet until July 1st 2018 (after which time it will be 21+).
  • Quebec has set the minimum legal gambling age at 18 across all forms and methods; however certain types of online sports betting are only permitted after turning 21 — check out our guide on Canadian online sportsbook laws for more info!


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